Φωτορεαλιστική απεικόνιση διώροφης κατοικίας στον Εύοσμο.

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we present to you the photorealistic depiction of a two-storey house, of a young girl in a newly built apartment building in the area of Evosmos in concrete, edited by our team. The project is our proposal for the construction and decoration of this house.

We chose earthy shades that contrast with dark colors and offer a harmonious and even result.

Also, we chose to use wood for the most part, in order to achieve the harmonization of the elements and to give a natural feeling to the space. And because the present house has a woman’s scent, we added shiny and metallic elements as they give a note of femininity!

From a minimal aesthetics and design, the thin, clean lines could not be missing and of course from no space there can be no openings that allow natural light to “bathe” every corner of the house, so we made sure to have enough.

Finally, we designed the roof of the house as an earthly paradise, shaping it in such a way that it is spacious and ergonomic and of course exudes a note of luxury and relaxation, so a private jacuzzi was added.

Μέγεθος Γραμματοσειράς

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