In 2020 we started a new chapter in our company story, which has been a success for 50 years. Today we stand by your side stronger and more creative than ever.

With a renewed brand, enriched services, fresh ideas and techniques we are here to make your dreamhome a reality. Our team has grown. Some of the best field experts have embraced our vision and have joined us in taking the company to the next level. Architects, interior designers, construction technicians, project managers and marketers guarantee top quality services and satisfying results. Rumor has it that we are flexible, innovative, communicative, calm and passionate in our work.

. The leader of our success team is Yiannis Dimitriadis. A visionary, pioneer, calm and generous man, who inspires people by setting an example. His motto? Success is a mind game.

Dimitriadis Dream Team Is Devoted To Design

Μέγεθος Γραμματοσειράς

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